Monday, October 27, 2008

CNN hires ex-gang member; Comedy Central hires Yale graduate...times are DEFINITELY changing!!!

Something to think about… 

You have someone on Comedy Central who graduated from Yale reporting the Chocolate News. 


You have someone who was an ex-gang member (The Bloods) on CNN reporting the Break(ing) News. 

Does something seem wrong with that picture? Seems they have their comedians in the wrong place, huh?  If you haven’t watched either of those shows, please do. 

David Alan Grier (the Yale graduate) presents a satirical view of what the news would be if it focused specifically on African-Americans/Blacks. While hilariously entertaining, it does poke fun at stereotypes that MANY people have of African-American/Black people. I can take a joke but some people might think his manner is uncouth and totally inappropriate. But then again look at what channel it’s on….you can’t expect class and distinction from a channel that made little boys cursing and killing their best friend popular. Chocolate News is where it should be, trust me. 

D.L. Hughley, bless his heart (the ex Blood) also presents a satirical (but more true than not) view of THE NEWS. While he does grab opportunities to crack racially tinged jokes, he is reporting the real news. In contrast to Chocolate News, Break(ing) News assumes the role of a more serious crowd. As you look in the audience, you see not ONE face cracking a smile and oddly so, even though an African American/Black man is hosting the show, there are no African American/Black faces in view. 

I totally understand that CNN is attempting to reach a larger demographic with their news broadcast but you can’t help asking yourself when watching the show, “Why so serious?”…one almost feels bad for D.L. because IT’S CNN! Off the cuff humor and INTENTIONAL crassness is not a norm here so you can see the tension rising off D.L. as he gives it a shot. I think CNN was on to something great to broaden their viewer range but a small part of me says they aren’t ready for someone like D.L. to break the mold. Although I was entertained because I got every joke he threw out there, I am sure many of CNN’s viewers did not know whether to laugh or not or IF THEY EVEN COULD laugh or not. 

I laughed JUST AS HARD at Hughley’s show as I did at Grier’s but I never once felt bad for the host when watching Chocolate New. It is THE MOST ridiculous portrayal of African Americans/Blacks but funny because SOME African Americans/Blacks do behave as idiotically as Grier portrayed. Although, when Ashy Larry appeared on CNN as Freddie Mac (the pimp), I cringed as I laughed. It was hilarious, don’t get me wrong (you’ve seen the Chappelle show; you already know) but again, Ashy Larry as Freddie Mac on CNN talking about “Shutcha mouf b*tches”? You almost want to laugh behind closed doors only. Tears came to my eyes while watching both shows but I felt a little bad when laughing at D.L.’s show because it just seemed inappropriate; almost like people were going to be watching it and not realize, this is a comedy show, NOT 100% reality. 

You know how some people believe because they saw it on the news IT MUST BE TRUE? That’s all I could think as I watched a nervous D.L. continue to sweat bullets of despair. I’ve never seen this man uncomfortable and yet after years of performing, you could read his mind through his uneasiness… (please Lord don’t let me make a fool of myself and my people…on CNN). I want people to understand that even though it is a news show, it is comparable to Steven Colbert and The Daily Show…it's just a comedian making fun of the REAL news. Take what he has to say with a grain of salt…like you do Colbert and Stewart.

CNN might be one of the most liberal news stations but it was evident from D.L.’s uneasiness that they still have a long way to go….they aren’t anywhere near being Comedy Central so this was a big leap and for D.L.’s sake, I hope the show doesn’t bomb. Good luck Hughley!

9 points of view: said...

This show needs to be cancelled. Sorry.

I really think that the viewers need to make their opinions known at CNN! Let them receive thousands of complaints by phone and fax!!

Blacks are sick and tired of seeing "coonery" on television!

We are tired of white networks putting black minstrels on the air when too few black intellectuals are being featured who will elevate the national dialogue! Let us make that known!

Jonathan Klein
1 CNN Center
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: 404-827-1700
Fax: 404-827-1099


Susan Bunda
Executive Vice President of Content Development


Bart Feder
Senior Vice President of Current Programming

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Assertive Wit said...

no need to apologize; we are all entitled to our opinions and you didn't say anything disrespectful to me so it's cool.

Ms_Slim said...

Ehn...DL Hughley has never been "hugely funny" to me. Not too sure how he became a King of Comedy but...ah well....

I havent seen either one of the shows yet but I have heard really bad reviews of Chocolate News. Just another additive that pokes at blacks, whether in jest or not, it needs to GO!

suga said...

I havent seen either show, thanks to my DVR being ripped from me. *pout*

I find it hard to believe that D.L . would be worried about making his people look bad though. He is always saying something supremely ridiculous on national tv. Wasn't he on Letterman on something when he said those girls from Rutgers were nappy headed hoes and he didnt think it was a big deal for a white guy to point out the obvious? Dude is ridiculous. *smh*

I need to catch up on these shows on or something.

House427 said...

Honestly Monster, the format of the show is a good idea. But DL's ass needs to be replaced by Roland Martin as the host fo real.

Good sheeeeit, Syn!!!

Assertive Wit said...

Roland Martin would have been perfect for that position but we'll see how it goes....

Mr. Smart Guy said...

I think the main reason Chocolate News is easier to laugh at than DL's CNN program is that we as people can laugh at ourselves but we get horribly offended if others do the same. Take the word NIGGA for example.

Tyrone, my Black friend calls me it and I think nothing of it... but let Jasper, my Caucasian friend do the same - and I'm ready to bust 'im down with the quickness.

The sad thing is that times ain't changed because the only way educated Black folks have a voice in mainstream America is when they dumb it down or add a laugh track.

Assertive Wit said...

Mr. Smart Guy, when I said "times are DEFINITELY changing", I was referring to a reformed gang member being able to host a show on CNN...that would have NEVER happened 10, 20...hell, even 5 years ago.

Brilliance Is A Habit (c) Unknown said...

I haven't seen either show unfortunately. I'll them add it to my youtube video search list.

And a hahahahahaha @ default, I just read it.

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