Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Because I'm Black, I Don't Know Who/What Fannie Mae Is...or Is It Because I'm Young?

I can't recall where I heard/read this statement but it more or less was saying that Black people are OVERLY sensitive to racial statements/actions (or what would seem so) and Whites are not even on the radar most of the time so they rarely if ever catch when something is racially offensive. The reasoning behind it was that Blacks have to deal with some form of racism, overt or not, EVERY DAY they are alive. Whether it is reading something, hearing something, or being directly confronted on a physical level. If you're Black, you have no choice but to know....there are PEOPLE and SYSTEMS out there SPECIFICALLY designed to think AND operate as though YOU are not equal to them.

The reasoning for the White people is that they are so off the radar of the racism that Black people experience on a daily basis because they don't experience it. For those who do, it is on such a non sequential scale that they STILL miss it when it's being done to someone else. I understood that to be the simple age old adage...if it doesn't affect you, you will not and do not care to pay attention to it. It isn't of your concern.

Which leads us to Simple Simon last night during the debate. Now, I will be the first to admit that I have exuded some ageism when it comes to Jacky McCracky. But then again, who hasn't? And that isn't to say it's right but my ageism is simply based on good ol' common sense. Dude, you're HELLA old. There is no way for you to go but six feet down. I'm sorry. But I'm getting off the topic at hand...

Baby T-Rex arms was responding to a question last night by a young Black man. PAUSE. Why did I feel the need to point out that he was Black? Because if it had been a young White man, this slip of the tongue would have NEVER occurred. PROCEED. During Short Arm of the Law's response he said EFFORTLESSLY and so matter-of-factly, that he was sure the young man didn't know who Fannie Mae was.


I caught it immediately and paused my brains loudness to really ponder on WHAT McJackass REALLY meant when he said that. My brain ran through all kinds of scenarios, mainly the one about Black people being OVERLY sensitive and that EVERYONE (read: White people with no concept of how to watch their damn mouths) isn't trying to take potshots at Black people every chance they get. See above beginning paragraphs. Then I looked over at The Bestest and his mouth was wide open in shock and horror. I then looked at my Blackberry like...I have some pretty intelligent friends...please tell me, us two weren't the only ones who got that. So I sent out a couple IM's and changed my status on Facebook and what do you know! My friends NEVER let me down with their levels of intelligence. Needless to say, they were appalled too but wondered if they were the only people who caught that. It happened so FAST it was really like, is this old clown serious!?

What I interpreted that asinine statement to mean is that McCrack was insinuating that this young man had no idea who or what a Fannie Mae was. He assumed this young man knew nothing about home ownership. He assumed the young man didn't own a home. Did he assume these things because the man was young? Unlikely. Did John McWhack assume these things because the young man was Black and a LOT of people ASSUME Black people are ignorant? More than likely. Am I overreacting? Most Black people would say no; I'm sure some White people would say yes. Do I care? Hell and no.

Had it been ANY OTHER White person, I would have written it off as them being yet another dumb azz White person who makes assumptions based off skin color and that makes THEM ignorant as hell and dated in their thinking (read: dinosaur state of mind). But this is a candidate for the seat of the presidency. HE CAN'T MAKE MISTAKES LIKE THIS. I'm sure some people will be like "Oh, it was a slip of the tongue. He's human. Give him a break". What do I say to that bulleffinshat? Slip of the tongue my azz. It sure as hell wasn't a slip of the tongue on Mr. Kanye West part when he said "Bush doesn't like Black people". Therefore, I'm going to still look at McCain like "You LOSE. You old crotchety bastid".

So I went to sleep with that stupid debate on my mind...McCain and his datedness...Obama and his efforts to be seen as THE RIGHT candidate for the HORRENDOUS job ahead of whoever becomes the President.

I wake up this morning and a friend of mine sends me an invitation to some McCain/Palin stuff on Facebook. I laughed as I hit "IGNORE". Then I thought to myself, "they'll probably think that I hit IGNORE because I'm voting for Obama. Because he's Black". First off, let's get something clear, I've NEVER voted a DAY in my life because I wasn't raised to vote. I understand the thinking behind it all; YOU DON'T HAVE TO. And please...don't try to engage me in a conversation as to why I don't vote. That's my business; you mind yours. But I have paid very close attention to this presidential debacle because REGARDLESS of ANYONE'S political affiliation or stance on politics, THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES IS AFFECTED BY THIS CHOICE. That bailout? Politically affiliated. Regardless of whether I vote or not, it is going to affect me. The impending doom of ANOTHER Great Depression? Politically affiliated and STILL affects me. SO I have a right and NEED to pay attention, ESPECIALLY this time around.

So IF voting was my priority in life, I wouldn't vote for McCain...not because he's Republican OR White. Because he is NOT a good choice. I wouldn't vote for Obama SIMPLY because he's Black. If Al Sharpton was a choice, he wouldn't get my vote and according to the sheeple, he's a true representative of Black people (I guess cause his skin is darker than Obamas...idiots). He doesn't represent me or my way of thinking, therefore, I don't think he'd be a good choice. Frankly, I think he'd be just as bad a candidate as McCain. But that's an entirely different blog....

I haven't had my coffee but you have had your blog so marinate on that while I sip up...

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suga said...

This is hilarious. You had me rollin' at Jacky McCracky lmao

AssertiveWit said...

I think McCain's life purpose was to run for the presidency so that the people could have some GREAT entertainment up until election day...but that is just my opinion. LOL

Unknown said...

Assertive Wit, i enjoyed reading your post. Yet I am most troubled at your lack of sensitivity for people with age. Even in the most primitive and civilized societies, age and experience are respected and sought for wisdom, guidance, and leadership. We are talking about our grandmothers and grandfathers!

(Please exclude the McCain vs. Obama situation as relating to this statement)

As a person who reveres my ancestors, respects our parents and grandparents, and hopes to gain age, life experience, and age myself, I find your comments to be more offensive that racism. Ageism is perhaps the most abhorrent mental attitude that can be held in the human mind.

Are you also for extirpation of the elderly?

AssertiveWit said...

Hey John,
Thanks for reading. Now to answer your comment. My attitude towards McCain can be summed up as ageism, which is why I put it out there before anyone could accuse me of it. Do I feel that way about all older people or rather older people in his age group? Ummm, no. I listen intently to people who make sense, whether they are younger, my age, or older. His age DOES in fact play a HUGE part in why he handles things the way he does AND why he is choosing to not relate to his general demographic. The majority of people alive are not his age but he isn't making an effort to acknowledge that at all. If you are supposed to be for the people, you need to relate to them. Period. He does not and I feel it has to do with his age.

I know you said to remove the McCain/Obama equation from this but I ONLY feel this way about HIM. I can't apply my feelings to him to other people old enough to be my grandparents because they haven't given me a reason to feel this way.

I know my statements can be viewed as ageism and that's fair but as it stands, it is just him I directed that towards, not all older individuals.

Please don't misinterpret what I had to say about MCCAIN as my feelings for all people his age because that was NEVER my intentions.
As for the extirpation of older people, sheesh! I would NEVER want that! I just think you misunderstood me but it's ok, it happens :)

You had good points though.


Unknown said...

assertive wit, i do not want to defend or support McCain but he has lived the life of an honorable citizen, is a disabled veteran, and has been elected a Senator of this nation repeated times. I do not agree with him on many issues, and do not expect to vote for him, however, I do respect him as a human being and a fellow American Citizen.

When someone begins to stereotype by skin color, age, gender, religion, etc., or worse yet, to disparage generally based on skin color, age, gender, etc., then I feel that person is a bigot. I should point out that the bigot is the last to know. Only by deep objective self evaluation can the bigot even begin to realize the mind set.

assertive wit, I would not judge you period, much less to judge whether your statements indicate you are bigoted toward people with age, however, at face value they are suspect.

While I consider myself to be a full blooded American Citizen, my ancestry is indigenous American. I was born and spent my early life in what was then called the colored section of my town. Back then some people tried to tell me that people, of different skin shades, could be divided into White people and Black people. I objected then and now to the use of the terms Black and White to describe people, particularly in order to stereotype. As a child, my secret concern was that such descriptions would make me a Red person. I had heard in the movies native people being called Red Skins and Indians, and Savages. I very much dislike referring to people based on ranges of skin shade.

Perhaps this is why I came to revere Dr. King with such admiration. When he put down his notes that day and spoke from his heart regarding his dream, from the mountain top, for all America Citizens, I too began to dream his dream.

assertive wit, do you share Dr. King’s dream for a fully integrated mainstream American society where skin color or age are not discriminated against?

AssertiveWit said...

Ok, McCain is all the things you pointed out but that doesn't mean that I have to revere him as some honorable person in my eyes...sorry, I don't.

I haven't stereotyped McCain simply because he is older; I believe he has allowed his age to keep him out of touch with "the people". It upsets me that he is running for president but has this type of behavior. Period. However, I do understand your initial suspicion.

As for how you choose to call people of different ethnicities, that is your choice. I choose to say Black and White because that is what people are. Aren't they? I don't call Native Americans, Red Skins because it sounds offensive to me. I have called them Indian because that is what they are. If that offends you, sorry.

As for me sharing the dream Dr King had, I share the vision he had about equality for everyone. And yes, I do agree that people should not be discriminated against because of skin color and age. As for age though, that law is ONLY put in place for the elderly. Apparently it is okay to discriminate against people under 40. Check that out with the Department of Labor. I was laid off my previous job because I was the youngest, with no children, and/or husband. What kind of discrimination is that?

Just for the sake of this conversation, I just want to let you know that I am Black and I rarely if ever refer to myself as an African American because I AM NOT FROM AFRICA. This isn't up for debate with me but if other Black people want to call themselves African American, that is their choice. I choose to call myself Black and I have no problem with other people referring to me as such as long as it is not in a derogatory manner.

Unknown said...

I feel that there are a number of good valid reasons not to vote for Senator McCain for president, age, or being out of touch, is not one for me. I’m not sure we have any politicians at the Federal level, including Senator Obama, that is in touch with most, and certainly not all, Americans. Every time we have a presidential election, I wonder if we really could not have come up with two better people all over the nation. This election is not different for me.

I’m not sensitive about this, but just for clarification. The people who were already here when the so-called White and Black people arrived did not call themselves Indians. It was a mistake made by some European explorer that thought they had found a western route to India. They thought they had arrived in India and that my ancestors were therefore, and ever after, Indians.

What bothers me about the terms Black and White, when lumping people together as a group, is that the Black people think I am a dark skinned White person, and the White people think I am part White and something else with dark skin mixed in. Black’s blame me for being White and White’s wonder what the darkness is. What I really am is a full blooded American Citizen.

Can you explain to me why you feel you are Black? Does your being Black and my not being Black keep us from being brothers? This goes much deeper than skin or ancestry for me. This gets down to our being humans together on this wondrous Mother Earth in the midst of this mysterious Universe.

More immediate, however, can we come together as one people as Dr. King dreamed, or is this nation polarizing into a Black against White Civil war?

AssertiveWit said...

While I respect the fact that you are entitled to YOUR opinion, I'm going to need for you to do the same. You can feel as you want about anything it doesn't mean you are going to will me to feel as you do.

What bothers you about the terminology Black and White does not bother me and I don't feel I have to validate why I use it and you don't. I'm not going to explain any further than I'm Black because I know I am and that is that. I never said ANYTHING about not being a unified people. I am a woman, you are obviously a man and that would be the only thing stopping us from being "brothers".

This blog was not intended to be taken as seriously as you are making it out to be. Again, while I respect your viewpoints, I will gracefully decline to speak any further about this or anything else you have mentioned in this particular blog.

Again, thanks for reading.

Unknown said...

Sister, then you are a temple of the Great Mother and I will respect the temple, but speak to the inner spirit. Thank you for your hospitality and civil manner. Having been dismissed I will leave you with this parting comment.

Why do you make this separation between our being on Earth? In the reality of Science we came from the same single source now called the Big Bang. In most religions it is taught that we came from the same Divine Source.

You want to separate us as your being Black and my being Red with some White. You imply a divide between us. I will leave you then with a secret not usually give in this manner.

There will come a time when the temple you call a body, will begin to reintegrate into formless particles. Perhaps you will go through all this life calling your Temple Black, and setting yourself apart from all the other Temples of the same spirit. But, at the first instant that your divine intellect, or spirit, is free of the temple (your black body as you say), the very first thing you think, desire, or wish for will be. At the instant that you are free of the body, you will have absolute free will to will anything and it will be for you.

In this instant of your divine free will, if you want to be set apart, then you will be set apart. It must be because you have willed it for your being. Only you can will for yourself. You can will for none other, nor can they will for you.

This secret is kept from most people, so most people in that instant of separation wish to return to a body without even thinking about it. The Tibetan Book of the Dead describes it something like this: and once again the free spirit submits itself again to the humiliation of being born of woman into the veil of tears.

Sister, if you want to be Black and separate from what I am, then so be it. I have paused to give you my word to a fellow traveler. Do with it as you will.

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