Thursday, October 02, 2008

Afternoon Spoutage

I have a headache.

I strongly feel this was brought on by me going outside and seeing all that delightful sunlight, only to have to return to my dungeon-like office of darkness. My eyes don't want to adjust to the darkness...or monotony of what is called, The Rest of My Day At Work. It is 2:45 and I'm bored to tears....not because I have no work to do. HA! I've got work for days...I'm bored to the point of wanting to pluck my own eyeballs out because the work I do have to do is boring. I'll never lie to you and tell you that what I do is exhilarating cause it aint. I get PURE enjoyment out of making sure everything is done RIGHT. It's what has kept me here so long...fixing problems that seemed impossible to EVER get over.

In the course of a month though, I am busy 18 of the 20 days scheduled to come into the office. The two days I have "down time", it is usually spent listening to Tweedle Dee (HR Manager) and Tweedle Dum (Office Manager) b*tch and complain about life as they know it. At times it's entertaining...other times, I still want to pull my eyeballs out and show them so they can SEE what I SEE...them getting on my last nerves. Don't get me wrong, overall, they are cool but I guess my Debbie Downer moment is coming from REALLY wanting to get on with my life...away from here.

I read my horoscope and it said that within the next 6 months my life will be on the track of destiny, I will come into some unexpected load of cash, and my love life will reach crescendos never imagined. I pray that Granny was on to something when she told me to read my horoscope every day.....

But back to this headache...I strongly feel it is a case of "I need caffiene" but I am trying not to drink so much coffee because I feel like it is robbing my skin of its elasticity. As a result of my elasticity being negative, my skin BURNS everytime I administer my skin regimen. It feels like acid eating at the corners of my mouth and eyes. I drank like 64 oz of water in one sitting only to feel my skin immeadiately get soothed. What. the. Hell. So apparently I haven't been drinking enough water...oh boo and triple hiss. So I did drink my one cup of crack today but I been drinking water since that cup was gone. Water does not alleviate headaches though so I'm off to look for some painkillers....

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