Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This Day Needs To Come To An End Already...

I woke up this morning WANTING desperately to return back to sleep and catch the missed hours I never make up during the course of the night. As I type, I STILL feel like my REM is trying to take over and lull me back to sleep. I don't know where this lethargy has come from but it needs to cease and desist...I got work to do.

So on top of being sleepy as hell, I get the quick realization that I'm not being dropped off at work this morning. I really woke up thinking I was going to catch some Z's on the way to work...wrong, I was. I'm doing the drop off this morning. Blast! And since my job is further down the street, I get the burdening task of putting gas in the ride. I get to the pump and use the wrong and double hiss. Why can't this day be over already?

And then I finally wake up...why all of a sudden at the gas pump? Is it the fabulous sign that reads 2.39 for regular and 2.69 for premium (which I have to feed this gas tank that thinks she's entitled to the best petrol there is)? No. Is it the sweet, intoxicating vapors of gasoline I'm inhaling double time so I can pass out and get those missed hours? No.

It is this guy with a gas can telling folks his van has run out of gas and he needs some gas to get to his final destination. It semi-woke me up when he was asking folks mainly because he was loud as hell and he didn't hold the appearance of a bum at all. I was full alert when he made eye contact (dammit!!) with me to ask me for some gas. I smiled politely and shook my head "No". I'm barely putting this $21 I have left, in the gas tank. I most certainly AM NOT giving you $3 of it. Sorry.

This is when he shakes his head and YELLS at me, "Why are you so mean? I'm stranded and I need to get to where I'm going! You can't help me out??"...he looks at me then looks at the car I'm driving and YELLS AGAIN, "Really? You can't help me out?" I YELL back, "NO!", get in the car, and speed off. As I'm driving off, he's shaking his head, does the sign of the cross on his chest and mouths to me "For you". Well thank you because I REALLY need a prayer right now...

Not to downplay his lack of gas but I BARELY got some myself this morning. I was told yesterday that I need repairs on my truck done that are going to cost over $ I have $3 to give you? Hell and no, I aint got $3 to give myself at this point. The credit card I ATTEMPTED to use this morning...yeah, forgot I cut that sucker off so no money there. And back to my truck, the dealership says that I shouldn't drive it if possible so my dearest best friend is letting me use his car, when I need it. Unfortunately, his car REEKS of luxury so EVERYONE assumes I have money when I'm in it.

WRONG LITTLE MAN NEEDING GAS! JUST BECAUSE I'M IN A MERCEDES DOESN'T MEAN IT'S MINE OR THAT I HAVE MONEY...azzhole. I wanted to walk over to him and tell him that I am -2,200.00 in the hole BECAUSE while his van is SIMPLY out of gas, my truck is about to be inoperable if I keep driving it AND the only money I have in my bank account is to pay my rent so NO, I CANNOT HELP YOU BECAUSE I NEED TO HELP MYSELF SO KEEP PRAYING...bastid.

The nerve of some people! My coffee tastes like watered shat (wouldn't that be the equivalent of diarrhea??) and I'm back to wanting to go to better be phenomenal or I'm feigning illness and going home.

Monday, October 27, 2008

CNN hires ex-gang member; Comedy Central hires Yale graduate...times are DEFINITELY changing!!!

Something to think about… 

You have someone on Comedy Central who graduated from Yale reporting the Chocolate News. 


You have someone who was an ex-gang member (The Bloods) on CNN reporting the Break(ing) News. 

Does something seem wrong with that picture? Seems they have their comedians in the wrong place, huh?  If you haven’t watched either of those shows, please do. 

David Alan Grier (the Yale graduate) presents a satirical view of what the news would be if it focused specifically on African-Americans/Blacks. While hilariously entertaining, it does poke fun at stereotypes that MANY people have of African-American/Black people. I can take a joke but some people might think his manner is uncouth and totally inappropriate. But then again look at what channel it’s on….you can’t expect class and distinction from a channel that made little boys cursing and killing their best friend popular. Chocolate News is where it should be, trust me. 

D.L. Hughley, bless his heart (the ex Blood) also presents a satirical (but more true than not) view of THE NEWS. While he does grab opportunities to crack racially tinged jokes, he is reporting the real news. In contrast to Chocolate News, Break(ing) News assumes the role of a more serious crowd. As you look in the audience, you see not ONE face cracking a smile and oddly so, even though an African American/Black man is hosting the show, there are no African American/Black faces in view. 

I totally understand that CNN is attempting to reach a larger demographic with their news broadcast but you can’t help asking yourself when watching the show, “Why so serious?”…one almost feels bad for D.L. because IT’S CNN! Off the cuff humor and INTENTIONAL crassness is not a norm here so you can see the tension rising off D.L. as he gives it a shot. I think CNN was on to something great to broaden their viewer range but a small part of me says they aren’t ready for someone like D.L. to break the mold. Although I was entertained because I got every joke he threw out there, I am sure many of CNN’s viewers did not know whether to laugh or not or IF THEY EVEN COULD laugh or not. 

I laughed JUST AS HARD at Hughley’s show as I did at Grier’s but I never once felt bad for the host when watching Chocolate New. It is THE MOST ridiculous portrayal of African Americans/Blacks but funny because SOME African Americans/Blacks do behave as idiotically as Grier portrayed. Although, when Ashy Larry appeared on CNN as Freddie Mac (the pimp), I cringed as I laughed. It was hilarious, don’t get me wrong (you’ve seen the Chappelle show; you already know) but again, Ashy Larry as Freddie Mac on CNN talking about “Shutcha mouf b*tches”? You almost want to laugh behind closed doors only. Tears came to my eyes while watching both shows but I felt a little bad when laughing at D.L.’s show because it just seemed inappropriate; almost like people were going to be watching it and not realize, this is a comedy show, NOT 100% reality. 

You know how some people believe because they saw it on the news IT MUST BE TRUE? That’s all I could think as I watched a nervous D.L. continue to sweat bullets of despair. I’ve never seen this man uncomfortable and yet after years of performing, you could read his mind through his uneasiness… (please Lord don’t let me make a fool of myself and my people…on CNN). I want people to understand that even though it is a news show, it is comparable to Steven Colbert and The Daily Show…it's just a comedian making fun of the REAL news. Take what he has to say with a grain of salt…like you do Colbert and Stewart.

CNN might be one of the most liberal news stations but it was evident from D.L.’s uneasiness that they still have a long way to go….they aren’t anywhere near being Comedy Central so this was a big leap and for D.L.’s sake, I hope the show doesn’t bomb. Good luck Hughley!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

V Could Be Our Reality...And Soon

I can remember buying V for Vendetta and leaving it in the plastic, waiting for the right time to bust it open. I had put off seeing it in the theater not because I didn't think it was worth my money but some of my friends wanted me to see it with them and they kept procrastinating and before you know it, it's only at the $3 theater. $3 sounds like a good deal until you consider the fact that you might be sitting in a seat filled with more cum than Lil Kim's stomach, at one point or another. I'm good on that. I just bought it and waited...for that right time.

My parents came to visit me a couple of years ago and we were looking through the movies to see what we wanted to watch and as it turns out, none of us had seen V for Vendetta. I was BLOWN away by the message that was being sent and how much I ACTUALLY agreed with V. My father even asked my opinion on the movie and we talked for a good hour afterwards about how scary the reality of that actually happening was. I came to the conclusion that day that this could very well be our state of the union in a few years. It's looking like those few years have arrived...

Yes, I know it's wrong to break the law but the government does it everyday and gets away with it. What if you could break the law in the name of freedom for your rights and actually get away with that shat because you were THAT on point with your mission? I most certainly would take advantage...but seeing that being an anarchist is not my purpose in life, it most certainly won't happen in this lifetime...for me.

Watch that movie if you haven't seen it yet and don't be shocked if you feel like our government is QUICKLY heading towards a totalitarian style of government. I know there are some people out there whose faith in the government doing the right thing is STRONG. You are to be commended for having faith in the unseen. The REALITY is this:

"The powers that be" (whoever they are at any given moment) can do as they please because the government is not ran by "the people". It is ran by "some people" who happen to have access to "the money".

Case and point: today I'm listening to the radio and this young lady, maybe a year or two younger than me comes on to talk to Frank Ski and Wanda. They asked her how her voting experience was (she went on Tuesday). She went on to sigh heavily and then state that she stood in line for a while, finally gets to the lady who is taking information and she has her identification and voter card in hand and the lady taking her information pauses.....then asks her if she is a United States citizen. The young lady is confused because YES, SHE IS a citizen of the United States. The computer states that she isn't. 

The lady taking the information apologizes and says that its been happening all day; people are being randomly selected and marked as "non-citizens" so now they have to PROVE they are a citizen in order to vote. No one walks around with their birth certificate or even their passport on them. So this means, they have to leave the polls, go FIND whatever information they need to prove their citizenship, and come back to stand in them ridicul lines. You do know that A LOT of people are not going to do that, right? Right.

Case and point: on CNN this morning an older White man in THE SOUTH was voting for Barack but every time he pressed Democrat, it would jump to....dearest McCain.

It is my STRONG belief that the government will CONTINUE to ALLOW this buffoonery because we as a people (in the U.S.) love our capitalism SO much that we will not raise arms against the government. As the days pass, it is becoming painfully OBVIOUS that the government is NOT for the people...and to be honest, it never was. The government serves its own selfish purpose (ALWAYS HAS) and only turns to the people when they need our faith, hope, and "help". Because I believe this am I insinuating that I am going to attempt to overthrow the government? Yeah right!!!! And get shot down the minute I step foot out this building? I think not. But that doesn't mean someone isn't gully enough to convince others to do it and lead them in their efforts...much like V did. And then be labeled terrorists...funny.

When we "the people" have nothing left to lose, that is when the government should begin to fear "the people". I was once told by a wise man that people who have nothing to lose take the biggest risks in life and usually cause the MOST damage and...are VERY dangerous. We "the people" are almost to that point of having nothing left to lose. The government takes and takes, thinking there are no consequences for their one said the truth was always pretty. It just is what it is. 

So all the people who believe in the power of prayer better start praying's my belief, it's only going to get worst. Sorry for the realistic views with your coffee....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't Fire Your Fiancee's Housekeeper Because She's Prettier Than You

So I changed my station at work to V103 because my regular station I listen to...the DJ's are acting like some idiots and have been for the last few weeks. Some days they are okay, other days like today, they are too much. For instance, if you think that Obama shouldn't be the president because his name is Barack Hussein Obama, you're an idiot. He didn't ask his mom to name him that, just like I didn't ask my mother to name me Synitta Ranice. Most people can't even remember how to say it, let alone spell my name but I KEPT my name out of respect. When I was about 16, I did ask if it would offend her if I changed it and she said no because she would still call me what was on my birth certificate. As far as she was concerned, I could change my name to Monkey Doodle Fool Walker and she would love me no less...she would still call me Synitta Ranice. So, since they wanted to act like juveniles this morning, I turned the station.

And what do I have to hear on V103? MORE FOOLISHNESS.

Someone has written into the station with this "issue"...a young lady just moved into her fiancees house; before she moved in she knew he paid someone to clean his house because he has a pretty busy schedule. Well, one day, she has to return to the house to get something and comes to find out the housekeeper is a BEAUTIFUL Brazilian named Maria. She INSTANTLY flares up and feels her fiancee needs to fire the housekeeper. (NOTE: he works from home frequently)

Frank Ski says the young lady needs to work on her self-esteem and not get this girl fired SIMPLY because she is BEAUTIFUL. Wanda says Brazilian baby needs to kick rocks.

What do I say? I laughed...out loud.

First off, if you BEEN KNEW your fiancee was getting his house cleaned FOREVER before this day you walked in and saw Eva Mendez (I know she ain't Brazilian, shut up) dusting his panels, you DO have self-esteem issues. BUT...if this is your fiancee I am sure he already knows of your insecurities and has had to deal with them in some fashion previously. This should be nothing new to him. Granted, you're going to irritate the hell out of him making demands about getting a new housekeeper but as it stands, this behavior is not new and he should have seen it coming. Sure, you can "claim" you felt some kind of way about her when you saw her but if she was some fat, old, Mexican lady with pancake butt, would you be seeking to get her fired? I SERIOUSLY doubt it. You wouldn't care.

Second, they are supposed to be getting married so you AUTOMATICALLY become "one" and operate (or at least should) as "one". Therefore, it is no longer HIS's hers and his. So, if it IS a big deal and she's causing this man to lose sleep because she is intimidated by Brazilian babys beauty, as unfair as it might seem, Latin baby has to go. Period. Relationships involve compromise and adjustments from beginning to end. This is an adjustment he is going to have to make to keep peace in his house. Would I make my fiancee drop Eva Mendez? No. Frankly, if she keeping the house clean and he didn't get the bright idea to make my azz do it, we good. Eva, you missed a spot of dust.

NOW...if me and my boo happen to be home while Eva come prancing up in there to clean and I see her give him far more attention than is necessary for a housekeeper, I will call la migra on that azz (if her papers ain't straight). I'm kidding but I WOULD mention her slick azz to the fiancee and since I KNOW HIM, his response would dictate if I need to say anything more about this Brazilian beauty or if I was just being a little too suspicious.

Apparently, you have to be ugly or LESS attractive than them to keep a job around other women. I've actually lost a job because I looked better than most of the women on staff (the exception of one, who was my friend and told me the other chicks were trying to get me fired; skanks). So I know how it would feel if I was the housekeeper and all of a sudden I'm getting a severance package because some fiancee can't deal with the fact that I'm not a boogawolf. GET OVER IT AND LET THAT WOMAN CLEAN THE DAMN HOUSE.

Yes, there are movies and books that capitalize on situations like this. Stop applying that shat to your relationships and deal with your man on your own basis, not some fiction that has put doubt in your mind about ALL men. AS it stands, IF YOU ARE THE FIANCEE, YOU ARE THE FIANCEE FOR A REASON. EMBRACE THAT! The truth is, if your fiancee has a nice looking housekeeper you THINK he's banging, IF HE IS/WAS, he BEEN banging her AND will CONTINUE to bang her EVEN if you tell her to kick rocks. NEWSFLASH: her house ain't in that truck she drove to the house that holds her cleaning supplies. He can go to her house if he REALLY wanted to get some Brazilian butt. AND...if your fiancee is a cheater, the housekeeper ain't the only woman you need to be worried about. I'm just saying...

By the way, my coffee was great this morning...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Don't Be Jeally Mom

I was reading this article on CNN this morning called:
 "Why moms get jealous when dads bond with kids"
and I couldn't help but think about my mom. 

I write FAR more about my dad than my mother because for one, if my dad EVER stumbles on my blogs, he won't be offended by ANYTHING I've written. He doesn't get offended by the truth. My mother on the other hand...ehhhh, not so much. She'd think I was "picking" on her and making her look bad. So I steer clear of mentioning too much of my life as it pertains to her. But this...I think she'd laugh more than anything, IF she ever read it.

As I read the article, the beginning of it was talking about how a mom had been trying to get her son to go to sleep and it wasn't working. The dad comes in says some silly shat like, if you don't go to sleep, I'm going to talk like a troll all day tomorrow. The mom, knowing her son loves that stupid voice thinks to herself that her husbands parenting is gonna fail because the little boy LOVES the voice so much, he'll WANT to hear it. WRONG. Little boys takes his ignant azz straight to sleep. Mom: 0, Dad: feelings hurt, dad: just glad everyone can go to sleep now.

I never understood (when I was younger) why my mom would be PISSED that she'd be yelling at us all day to do stuff, to the point where she'd sit down and be crying and then get even more pissed when my dad would come home and we'd decide to listen to someone and sit our crazy azzes down somewhere and stop acting like wild animals. Ok, that's an exaggeration but you get the point. Now that I am older, I understand. It wasn't that we NEVER listened to her, because 8 times out of 10, we did. But my dad would say something and 10 times out of 10, we listened. Maybe she thought we liked him better, I don't know. Truth be told, we liked her better; she didn't beat the stuffing out of us. LOL

Give you an example of us and our shenanigans. 

One day she was telling us to do something and we heard her but of course being kids, she had to repeat herself a few times. We were playing and interrupting an episode of He-Man was not an option. We were going to do what she asked. Just as soon as we finished re-enacting our episode. Well, we didn't get a chance to because she came storming in the room with a belt. All three of us looked at that belt and fell out her face. Me and my sister couldn't have been any older than 9 and 10 so my brother was about 4. His retardo azz did everything we did so we laughing meant him taking it to the 12th power. Of course she doesn't understand why we're laughing but we looked at that belt and was like does she really think she is gonna hurt us with that?

She had grabbed a plastic belt off her dress to whoop us with (insert laughter here). It wasn't ALL plastic but it was fabric AND plastic. She wasn't gone hurt nobody but herself. So we laughed. She whacked us with it a couple times and our stupid azzes just laughing and carrying on while she trying to administer a beat down. She finally gives up and says the words we NEVER wanted to hear...they crushed our souls immediately and made us cry like she HAD beat us with a REAL belt:

I'm telling your father. Let's see you laugh when he pull out his belt.

There was no laughing there. Sheer terror. So needless to say we got a big size 12 put in our azzes (figuratively speaking) when he got off work for disrespecting her by laughing in her face while she was administering discipline. He even felt the need to rub salt in our lacerations by saying if we would have just got up off our behinds the first time she told us to do something, she wouldn't have had to even go get that little belt or eventually call him and tell him we weren't acting like we had any sense.

All three of us got tagged something good and yes, we learned our lesson. Do you think she was happy? No. She was still pouting. And why? Because my dad's beatdown worked and hers didn't. 

There are plenty more stories where this one comes from but as it stands that article created some nostalgia for me while drinking my coffee. Boy, I sure am glad I'm grown now and as much as I look forward to having some Irritants of my own some day, I'm glad they aint here right now. LOL

Friday, October 17, 2008

Gas Is Down...But For How Long?

Gas...2.83 in Decatur, GA...2.89 in Gwinnett...I filled up this morning for $60; usually takes me $80 (since the skyrocketing of prices).

You happy, huh? How happy? Tell me on a scale of 1 to 10. 

Now....sorry to be the thorn in your side but this morning on CNN, it was reported that OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) is moving up an EMERGENCY meeting to discuss the drop in the value of oil in an effort to see about cutting production to....(prepare yourself please)...INCREASE VALUE.

HUGE slap in your face as well as mine, ain't it? If you go to OPEC's website,, you cannot even really find anything in depth about this meeting. I had to Google "OPEC moving up emergency meeting" to get this link,, from the International Herald Tribune (N.Y. Times global edition). 

As soon as I heard that news, I made SURE I filled up this morning because I was just going to be naive and think that gas prices were still going to be the same price when I got off work. Granted, there is a huge possibility that prices have not escalated while I've been sitting here working because the emergency meeting is not scheduled to happen until next Friday but I'm not a fool to think that it COULDN'T happen. I mean just a few weeks ago, I left the house and gas was 3.37 only for me to go home and see it be 3.99...ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

And you know why? The regulation on gas is not very clear to the public and apparently you can hike the gas up if someone blinks. 

So my suggestion to you is fill up while you can still afford to because no telling what is going to happen after next Friday. Do your research of all the gas stations within 0-20 miles of your house so you know all your options in the future. Remember, this is America, the land of opportunity, where anyone smart enough can get over on the unsuspecting citizen called YOU.

Irritating Corny People..Die Yesterday

What I'm about to say has NOTHING to do with this blog but I thought it was funny. I read this young lady on blogspot that goes by the name of Savvy Fatty...she's hilarious, to say the least. Have a look at her posting from yesterday...I bout near died on my desk from laughing:

Anywho, I commented on the blog and she responded to my comment. She shortened my blogger name though to....(prepare yourself, because I SO wasn't prepared)....ASSWIT. Some people might have been offended but I actually laughed out loud. I don't think she meant it offensively at all but I guess sometimes my "wit" does come across as me being an ass so I'll take that. Thanks young Savvy. LOL

Ok, real quick....I can't stand corny people who either don't know they are corny or ATTEMPT to be witty but fail horribly BECAUSE they are SO damn corny. I PURPOSELY close my glass door because I am doing my best to keep this corny muthastanka from just walking in my office trying to spread his it's funny. Why did I feel the need to tell you my door is glass? Because I wanted you to know I can see who is entering my office AT ALL TIMES so the pain of KNOWING he's headed into my office just kills off any happy thoughts I was currently having. All I can think is, when is this Bozo gonna rise up outta my office so I can get back to MY sanity? It never fails....he always has something stupid as hell to say when he turns in his timesheet on the 15th and the last day of the month.

"Did I win a prize for being the first person to turn in my timesheet?"
No the hell you did not. Beat it chump. I DO NOT want to hear this question or some dumb rendition thereof EVERY time you turn in your timesheet. No, you did not win a trip to Vegas. No you did not win a cruise to Jamaica and if you KEEP asking if you won something, I'll give you a knuckle sandwich. That's what the hell you can win. Moron.

"So you're in charge today since no one else is in?"
No one else is here yet because it's 7:45 am, you corny sack of shat. Get to your desk before I spit on you. 

(as he stands outside killing himself with a cigarette) You sure are in early today. What's the occasion? Behind in your work? Hardy, har, har!"
There is no special occasion. I usually get in early but you never see me because you work upstairs and I work downstairs. Behind in my work? Oh you should know all about that. You take like 10, 15-20-minute smoke breaks a day and leave at 4/4:30 every day. Get the hell out of here before I start documenting your smoking breaks and take it out of your pay, you damn irritant.

You telling me you he wouldn't irritate the hell out of you? coffee is cold now.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Does Michael Vick and Brett Favre Have In Common?

What do Michael Vick and Brett Favre have in common? NFL you say? Sure they do but keep guessing...they are both quarterbacks? Sure they are but keep guessing...give up yet? Thought you I'll tell you. On second thought, I'll let you tell me if this can be considered having something in common.

Michael Vick was tried and convicted of dog fighting. Animal cruelty, right? Yes. And Mike, if this isn't some part of a conspiracy to keep certain people out of particular tax brackets and you REALLY are guilty of killing some dogs in sport, then shame on you. You deserve EVERY bit of that punishment you are sitting out. You deserve the jail time...all your endorsements being yanked...and being indefinitely suspended from the NFL. Shame, I say!

Brett funster! You slaughtered/gutted a wild turkey THEN stuffed the dead animal in your teammates locker. Cricket? Ummmm...I know wild turkeys aren't cute and cuddly and would sooner peck your eyes out then let you pet them but ummm...isn't this animal cruelty too? I mean...I know you are the court jester when it comes to practical jokes and all...America loves the hell out of you (Black America loved Vick the SAME way) play a mean game of football (so did Vick)...but when did it become okay to kill animals to get a laugh out of people?

Good people, please view the attached link for the article so you don't think I'm just being a menace to Brett Favre's existence:

Make sure you read the comments too so you can see how people think PETA is just giving Favre a hard time when he was just trying to have some fun. Really? It's funny that Brett kills animals but you another man's life is RUINED over some dead dogs? I don't see anything funny about either situation.

I can tell you what Brett and Mike don't have in common. The Eels said it best, "The world is White and I am Black". Hey, I don't make the rules but you bet your azz my Black azz won't be killin any animals because no telling WHERE I'll end up....Brett your shenanigans are out of line and you better pray America loves you enough to not make you an outcast like they did lil buddy Vick. On second thought, you've always wanted to's your chance; get a Vick is taking right now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

O' Where Art Thou Golden Rule? O' Where Hath It Gone?

I was watching HEROES and saw something that made me grow disappointed in one of my previous favorite characters. Her actions didn't assist in me continuing to like her since she's becoming my least favorite character as the seasons zip along but this weeks episode, Claire felt the need to become more of a "vigilante" than someone who was thinking with all of their mental faculties. She hastily went to defend the world against a"bad guy" on the run...but she had limited information in regards to him. She "shot" first and asked questions later. She had already formed an opinion about the "bad guy" based on information retrieved by others. She was adamant in her convictions and belief without even taking into consideration that this man had a side to HIS story as well. In her opinion, he was wrong and he didn't even deserve to speak, let alone be a free man, even though she was a free woman.

It took him almost threatening her existence before she PAUSED and listened to what he had to say. Then she finds out that her preconceived notions about him were ALL WRONG and she had become one of the very people she despised. She was mistreating someone because of who they were without even getting to know the person. She didn't care at first that he too was a human being just like her because she was THAT intent on seeing things her way.

Even though HEROES is just a television show, I think it reveals human nature at its best and worst sometimes. Far too often some people choose to think their way is best. It might be what is best FOR THEM but that isn't to say it is best for EVERYONE. Claire made a mistake that could have cost her the ability to live freely because she WOULDN'T LISTEN. How many times have you been in a situation where someone just wouldn't listen to anything you had to say? She had been in this situation before and hated how it felt, yet she turned around and did it to someone else. Kinda hypocritical, right? Sure it is....but the more I study human nature, the more I see that it is almost second nature to do things to others you wouldn't necessarily want done to yourself.

Why do people behave like this? Who knows! Scratch that...I have a theory as to why some people behave like Claire. They don't ever want to be in a situation like that themselves again so they seek to have the upper hand. They'd rather lay down the law then have the law laid down on them. I'm a natural leader so I don't really seek to be led anywhere OR to have rules enforced upon me that I can't see the logic in. But as a leader, I do understand that even though I don't SEEK to be led, a good leader KNOWS how to allow themselves to be led. Meaning, a good leader will fall back when necessary. If Claire wanted to be a good leader in assisting with capturing the "bad guys", it would have done her well to remember, she was just in a similar situation herself and HATED how she was being treated so it would have done her well to not do the same thing to someone else.

But then again, in a perfect world, more people would seek to REALLY apply the Golden Rule...and since a lot of people find every way in the world not to, I'll stick to the hope that one day humans will play by the very rules which they expect others to play by. No coffee this time around...just sparkling mineral water.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Idiot DJ's Running Off At The Mouth

"All of them! All of them! Are voting for Barack because he's black"

First off, ALL OF whom?

This was said AFTER this fidiot DJ said that he is a Republican and gets treated like a racist because he isn't voting for Obama. He also said that JUST BECAUSE he's Republican doesn't mean that he's racist and that's why he isn't voting for Barack. He isn't voting for him because he doesn't feel he's qualified.

My question is...why is it okay for YOU to have a reason aside from race for NOT voting for Barack but anyone who votes FOR him is ONLY doing it because he's Black? THIS is the very kind of thinking that puts me in a rage...people and their point of views that they ONLY apply to themselves but can't manage to see someone else thinking differently.

The truth is, yes, there are SOME who are voting for Barack Obama because he is Black but there are ALSO SOME who are voting for him because he is the better choice (in their opinion) for the next president of the United States; and there are some that are loyal to their political party and are voting for him because its the Democrats choice. 

Blanket statements kill me because they TOTALLY disregard any other opinion than your shatty one. IF you believe the MAJORITY of something IS accurate, then SAY THAT! To say ALL, NEVER, or any other word that would strictly rule out the opinion or experiences of someone else is just...close minded. Makes me want to punch people in the mouth since they don't know what to let come out of it...

My coffee is cold...going to warm it up...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wanna See An Employee Get Hostile?

I work for a small business and while one of the Owner's has been preaching the imminent doom of our economy for the last 10 months, we can still afford to pay everyone. Although...when you lay off 3 people within 2 months, you scare the rest of the employees into a frenzy and eff up the morale. So....the last thing you want to do, ESPECIALLY after you just had a Staff Meeting telling them that ANOTHER Great Depression is upon us and THIS time, it will inevitably be WORST than the first one, is pay them late.

I'm not talking about they are used to getting paid between 8:30 and 9:30 on payday and you hand them their checks around 10:30/11. I'm talking about wellllllll after lunch time. AND....the Owner who incited this skepticism is NOWHERE to be found ALL day. Yes, he is ALSO the one who signs the checks. So what do I have to do since I write the checks? I have to diffuse all 18 of the ticking time bombs that want to blow up in my face. I ask the Front Desk and HR Manager if they know what time he is coming in...I get blank stares. No one knows IF or WHEN he will arrive. I'm livid because I will now have over 15 employees inquiring as to when they are actually going to get a check in hand.

I send out the following email to all of the staff:

"You will receive your checks today so please don't be alarmed because I haven't passed them out yet :) "

I figure that will tide them over. That is until I get an email from the Owner talking about he won't be in until after 1 pm. Stop it. Just stop it...NOW! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? The bank converts to next business day at 2 pm. Next business day IS NOT Monday...why? Because Monday is Columbus Day and ALL banks are closed. Next business day is Tuesday. SO what that means is for anyone depositing their check, they won't see it in their available balance until Tuesday. Did I mention the bank ALSO closes at 4 pm? Yeah, so what time do you have to ACTUALLY get to the bank now? VERY LITTLE.

I send him the following email:

"The bank is closed on Monday because it is a Holiday and it closes at 4 today"

Cricket....for real? Silence??? These people are about to throw all kinds of cocktails in my office and you want to give me silence? Okay fine. He finally saunters in around 2:21 but still has to sign the checks. When you come in the first thing you do is NOT ask me where the checks are. If WE are waiting on you to sign them, why wouldn't you act like you KNOW they are in your Inbox? Where they have been for the last 40 pay periods I've worked here. I just simply replied, without changing my facial expression, "In your Inbox". He says "Oh ok!" and takes off.

I was handing out checks to angry people around 2:37; letting them know the bank closes at 4 so go now because Monday, its a holiday. A few people were nice enough to appear to understand it wasn't my fault; I got some sarcasm, to which I wanted to take their check and slap them in the face with it; others just looked at me like "Die bitch. Die now". I just want them to understood I'm JUST as frustrated. It isn't like I BEEN had my check and deposited it and was living in the lap of luxury while they wait furiously. I had to wait JUST LIKE THEM.

It's should NOT have to go through this. Makes me want a cup of coffee at 5:15...

Common Sense and Ignorance

I had a conversation with my father one time about my purpose in life. He expressed to me that he always felt since I was a baby that my purpose in life was to help people...not just help them like, "Oh, let me carry that bag for you" but help them see things they never saw before, hear things that fell upon their deaf ears, and realize their purpose in life, in addition to the common understanding of what "helping" someone is. To hear him say that made me feel far more loved THAT day than any day prior. Why? Because for the first time in my entire life, I felt like my father REALLY did know me as a person and why I just effortlessly sought to help anyone and everyone who would let me. There was something he said that I still think about to this day...he said that because he realized my purpose in life, there was one thing that he prayed incessantly on and that was that I be spared from the pain I would suffer because I have this ability to help people where others can't.

Well, unfortunately, his prayers didn't spare me of that pain 100%. In my efforts to help people, I KNOW that I MUST understand them, no matter how ridiculous their behavior might seem to me. Especially those I interact with on a daily basis, I must understand. When you understand someone, that does not mean you have to agree with their thoughts, actions, and value systems; simply means you can look at them and clearly see why they have come to whatever conclusion in life that they have. I've learned that you must exude fairness at all times when doing this. If I want people to understand me and accept me for who I am, undoubtedly, I must return the favor.

As a kid I dreamed of a place where fairness was rampant and everyone believed in it. As an adult I had the painful realization that this place in my dreams might not ever exist. The more I understand human nature and how they choose to interact with one another, the more I see a self-serving spirit that prevails. Enter common sense and ignorance.

According to the dictionary (not my own interpretation thereof), common sense is "sound practical judgment" that is common to those that are common to you. So what happens when someone is raised differently or hasn't had the opportunity to have the same experiences as you in life? Does that mean they do not possess common sense? No. It simply means that your common sense and theirs might not see eye to eye at all times. You are ignorant of what their knowledge is and vice versa. 

According to the dictionary (again, not my own interpretation), ignorance IS NOT stupidity (contrary to WHATEVER and WHOEVER told you it was); ignorance is the lacking of knowledge/information, not being educated, aware or informed on something. So it is possible for people to be ignorant of what YOUR common sense is because it isn't so common to them. Enter my fairness dream. My dream was that people would make the effort to understand that EVERYONE is different and therefore should not be looked at negatively because they know something to be different than you. My reality is that most people do not give a damn if you operate differently due to your life experiences; there is no room for mistakes with other people in their minds. 

It saddens me that these same people want you to see why they behave a certain way but would never consider that other people behave certain ways because that's in their makeup. It has a lot to do with what is common to them. You might grow up in the same neighborhood, city, state, country, but that doesn't mean we are all exposed to the same things that would allow you to have the same outlook on people and life. So, the next time you think something SHOULD be common to someone, stop and think...maybe it isn't that common to them and they have to learn it...just like you. Common sense of things that are supposedly common is not something you are just born with; it is something that you have to learn, most times through trial and error.

The next time you want to call someone ignorant, make sure you aren't really meaning they are stupid. Ignorance is a part of life. I don't know everything and neither does anyone else so at some point in your life, you will be ignorant too.

I still dream of that place where fairness will reside and who knows, maybe one day it will exist. But until then, I'll continue to understand people for the unique human beings they are and appreciate them for the diversity they fill the earth with....and attempt to get in where I fit in.

Finishing my coffee now...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

This Just In....

Listening to ROCK100.5 and I hear this:

"Losers must lose and winners must win; it's just how America operates. YOU GET NOTHING!"

It's sad that this is REALLY our reality today...*shaking my head*

Because I'm Black, I Don't Know Who/What Fannie Mae Is...or Is It Because I'm Young?

I can't recall where I heard/read this statement but it more or less was saying that Black people are OVERLY sensitive to racial statements/actions (or what would seem so) and Whites are not even on the radar most of the time so they rarely if ever catch when something is racially offensive. The reasoning behind it was that Blacks have to deal with some form of racism, overt or not, EVERY DAY they are alive. Whether it is reading something, hearing something, or being directly confronted on a physical level. If you're Black, you have no choice but to know....there are PEOPLE and SYSTEMS out there SPECIFICALLY designed to think AND operate as though YOU are not equal to them.

The reasoning for the White people is that they are so off the radar of the racism that Black people experience on a daily basis because they don't experience it. For those who do, it is on such a non sequential scale that they STILL miss it when it's being done to someone else. I understood that to be the simple age old adage...if it doesn't affect you, you will not and do not care to pay attention to it. It isn't of your concern.

Which leads us to Simple Simon last night during the debate. Now, I will be the first to admit that I have exuded some ageism when it comes to Jacky McCracky. But then again, who hasn't? And that isn't to say it's right but my ageism is simply based on good ol' common sense. Dude, you're HELLA old. There is no way for you to go but six feet down. I'm sorry. But I'm getting off the topic at hand...

Baby T-Rex arms was responding to a question last night by a young Black man. PAUSE. Why did I feel the need to point out that he was Black? Because if it had been a young White man, this slip of the tongue would have NEVER occurred. PROCEED. During Short Arm of the Law's response he said EFFORTLESSLY and so matter-of-factly, that he was sure the young man didn't know who Fannie Mae was.


I caught it immediately and paused my brains loudness to really ponder on WHAT McJackass REALLY meant when he said that. My brain ran through all kinds of scenarios, mainly the one about Black people being OVERLY sensitive and that EVERYONE (read: White people with no concept of how to watch their damn mouths) isn't trying to take potshots at Black people every chance they get. See above beginning paragraphs. Then I looked over at The Bestest and his mouth was wide open in shock and horror. I then looked at my Blackberry like...I have some pretty intelligent friends...please tell me, us two weren't the only ones who got that. So I sent out a couple IM's and changed my status on Facebook and what do you know! My friends NEVER let me down with their levels of intelligence. Needless to say, they were appalled too but wondered if they were the only people who caught that. It happened so FAST it was really like, is this old clown serious!?

What I interpreted that asinine statement to mean is that McCrack was insinuating that this young man had no idea who or what a Fannie Mae was. He assumed this young man knew nothing about home ownership. He assumed the young man didn't own a home. Did he assume these things because the man was young? Unlikely. Did John McWhack assume these things because the young man was Black and a LOT of people ASSUME Black people are ignorant? More than likely. Am I overreacting? Most Black people would say no; I'm sure some White people would say yes. Do I care? Hell and no.

Had it been ANY OTHER White person, I would have written it off as them being yet another dumb azz White person who makes assumptions based off skin color and that makes THEM ignorant as hell and dated in their thinking (read: dinosaur state of mind). But this is a candidate for the seat of the presidency. HE CAN'T MAKE MISTAKES LIKE THIS. I'm sure some people will be like "Oh, it was a slip of the tongue. He's human. Give him a break". What do I say to that bulleffinshat? Slip of the tongue my azz. It sure as hell wasn't a slip of the tongue on Mr. Kanye West part when he said "Bush doesn't like Black people". Therefore, I'm going to still look at McCain like "You LOSE. You old crotchety bastid".

So I went to sleep with that stupid debate on my mind...McCain and his datedness...Obama and his efforts to be seen as THE RIGHT candidate for the HORRENDOUS job ahead of whoever becomes the President.

I wake up this morning and a friend of mine sends me an invitation to some McCain/Palin stuff on Facebook. I laughed as I hit "IGNORE". Then I thought to myself, "they'll probably think that I hit IGNORE because I'm voting for Obama. Because he's Black". First off, let's get something clear, I've NEVER voted a DAY in my life because I wasn't raised to vote. I understand the thinking behind it all; YOU DON'T HAVE TO. And please...don't try to engage me in a conversation as to why I don't vote. That's my business; you mind yours. But I have paid very close attention to this presidential debacle because REGARDLESS of ANYONE'S political affiliation or stance on politics, THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES IS AFFECTED BY THIS CHOICE. That bailout? Politically affiliated. Regardless of whether I vote or not, it is going to affect me. The impending doom of ANOTHER Great Depression? Politically affiliated and STILL affects me. SO I have a right and NEED to pay attention, ESPECIALLY this time around.

So IF voting was my priority in life, I wouldn't vote for McCain...not because he's Republican OR White. Because he is NOT a good choice. I wouldn't vote for Obama SIMPLY because he's Black. If Al Sharpton was a choice, he wouldn't get my vote and according to the sheeple, he's a true representative of Black people (I guess cause his skin is darker than Obamas...idiots). He doesn't represent me or my way of thinking, therefore, I don't think he'd be a good choice. Frankly, I think he'd be just as bad a candidate as McCain. But that's an entirely different blog....

I haven't had my coffee but you have had your blog so marinate on that while I sip up...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Have You Tried Some White Girl Lately?

Cocaine is a helluva drug.

I'm a believer of this. NEVER in the amount of time I've been aware of the RISE and semi-demise of cocaine use have I EVER thought that it would be making a comeback so tough...but it is. Apparently marijuana is not enough these days...marijuana has retained its spot in the drug world as the greatest gateway drug of all time. That gateway has recently lead straight to cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and X pills. Heroin? Yes, heroin...for novice drug users and non-drug users, that can ALSO be snorted up your tender little nasal passage and ingested to make you feel higher than unicorns galloping across the universe. Magically delicious, so I've heard.

Of the peaks in cocaine use, I can only recall the 70's (from things my parents have told me) and the late 80's (from things that I have seen)...well, white girl has made her comeback for the dawning of our new century. How have I seen the usage? Well, people I know have become BIG users of the stuff and let me tell you, regardless of the fact that they are functioning drug addicts, it isn't a good look. The pallor of their skin, erratic behavior, lack of food consumption....all bad. The sad thing is, they don't even realize it. 

When you are snorting lines in the club and sniffing away to your hearts content like "it's JUST coke, homie", you my friend, have a problem. Someone, anyone, please explain to me what YOU think the difference is between a cokehead and a crackhead....last I checked, they were both HORRIBLY degenerating drugs to wrap your life around and they eventually lead you into situations that 5-10 years previously, you would have NEVER been caught dead in. As far as I can see, the ONLY difference between coke and crack is one is shot up and the other is snorted. OH but wait! You can shoot up coke too! Therefore, if someone calls you a hype, noc, junkie, or crackhead, yes, they are more than likely talking about you, dear cokey.

Have I tried the HIGHLY intoxicating lure of the white girl? Ummm, no. I'll pass on that...I've never seen anyone function for long periods of time (read: months/years) as a normal person while on that stuff. This recent epidemic, I thought only spanned into fields of work that it was "acceptable" to be dabbling in drugs, alcohol, and sex (read: the life of ANY entertainer and/or artist). Since no one pays me to think, I didn't allow my critical mass of a brain to think of the buppies and yuppies filling every "hot" metropolitan area they can get their status on. New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, have Black AND White individuals within my peer group snorting their lives away.

I look at my life now and realize...I've worked damn hard to get here and I know I have to work EVEN HARDER to surpass my current "location" in life. Why would I want to give it up for some powdery substance that WILL take over my life and make me think I am superwoman at inappropriate times? Like I said before, I'll pass. 

I just felt the need to blurb about cocaine because it has becoming an intriguing drug of many a social circle and while I judge no one, I am appalled that people I once thought were highly intelligent are wasting away to nothing because they just can't seem to get it together and STOP FOLLOWING DEADLY TRENDS. Hell, I would much rather every man to convert to skinny jeans than this foolishness. I've grown to believe the problem is music and television...with a side of cinema. People see these celebrities coked out of their gourds and it looks like the best fun since making mud pies with Janey and Bobby in the backyard. People hear these songs about the fantabulous threesome that turned into an orgy because they were high off that white and think "hey! I wanna be high off that girl too so I can have a girlfriend who has a girlfriend!". People watch Scarface wayyyyy too much and think that they can really pull a blaze of glory stunt out their azz like he did. First off, stop listening and looking at these things as something that could be your reality. Your reality is to rise ABOVE the foolishness, not further perpetuate it.

If you are a normal 9-5er, adopting a coke habit is the quickest way to your fall back in the crab bucket you were so eager to climb out of; except this time the other crabs didn't have to pull you back down; you politely asked for clearance to the bottom. They stepped aside with a smile as they were all too happy to see another Success Story bite the dust; one less person to have to pull down. You did it yourself.

I'm tiring myself talking about cocaine and how it is destroying the lives of my peers. Unfortunately, they are all too high to realize that by this time next year, they will be the group of people everyone looks at and shakes their head like "he/she USED to be hot until they got on that coke diet". Whatever happened to just ingesting caffeine? Coffee works for me so I'm now on my way to get some...

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