Friday, September 26, 2008

Why You Shouldn't Fraternize With Fellow Employees

Real quick, real fast....

why shouldn't you fraternize with employees? because they will weasel their evil little way into your life and let information "slip" to your boss so that he/she is ALWAYS suspicious of your activities outside of work.

for instance, there was a time when I was going down to Florida, on average, once a month. my business, right? RIGHT. now, they have no idea WHY I was going down there and I most certainly NEVER told them because it's...MY BUSINESS.

but today I sent out an email to the Office Mgr and HR Mgr (I work closely with them) and Cc: the two owners to let them all know that I would be leaving after I processed these stockholders payments...because I have an upset tummy.

did I lie? nope. my stomach is currently holding a wrestling match involving two squirrels and lots of anger. it doesn't feel good and work is the last place I want to be if one of those squirrels decides to get gangster and lets my insides have it. I'd much rather be in a safe haven (read: my home) when all hell breaks loose at one of those "matches"...if you know what I mean.

so when I call to ask the owners (who are on a power lunch...that's actually a lunch hour that's more like 3 hours) if they want me to deposit their checks, my direct boss says "how are you feeling?"...I tell him that my stomach has been acting up since last night but I wanted to come in and process these payments for them and then I was just going to go home.

His reply?

"You sure you aren't flying down to Florida for the weekend? hahhaahha"

My reply?

"Ummm, no. I'm going to be at home. Why would I be flying down to Florida?"

Silence ensues. Then he blurts out:

"Kidding. Alright goodbye!"

see why you don't need to fraternize with employees? I NEVER ONCE told HIM that I used to fly down there regularly but Nosey 1 and 2 knew that I did...apparently there is a mole in the system I need to destroy. There was no coffee to accompany this rant...

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