Monday, September 22, 2008

State of Emergency With this Damn Gasoline

What in the hell is going on when I am about to run out of gas TRYING to find a gas station that ACTUALLY HAS GAS??? I left the house with a little less than a quarter of a tank at 7 am...I had to drive around for 20 min before I FOUND some gas!!!

THEN...when I FINALLY find it, why is it 4.20 though??? And if that's not bad enough, the pump starts running out of damn gas WHILE I'm pumping!!! Are you effing kidding me??? Its too damn early in the morning for this! I've had not ONE drip of my morning crack (read: coffee) and I have to deal with this. All bad.

NEVER in LIFE should I have to drive 10 miles to FIND gas when 5 gas stations are within a 1 mile radius of my house...and ALL 5 gas stations are out of damn gas!!! Seriously downtown Atlanta! WTF!?

I'm livid and I'm BEYOND pissed that my coffee has to be chugged with the smell of gasoline on my hands. Yes, I washed my hands. Gasoline smell lingers like this bad attitude I'm about to have about the state of gas....

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if you have to ask... said...

ummmm what in the sam hell is going on that we don't have gas in america?? this is NOT oakland!!!

suga said...

Wow, really? Is that how it is out here for gas? I need to watch the damn news. lol I had no idea there was a gas shortage.

AssertiveWit said...

girl, aint no damn shortage of gas...they would LOVE for us to buy into the hype and believe that. This happened years ago, before we were even born. For some odd reason The United States likes to repeat the same mistakes over and over again like they don't know how to learn the first time. He who controls the oil apparently does control the U.S....boils my blood...this tomf*ckery

and you up there "if you have to ask", America has gas, they are just strategically trying to make us the consumer pay for it out the azz...jokes on them; I'll be walking to work...starting tomorrow. That's what my lovely iShuffle is good for. LOL

Brittni said...

We're out near my house too. I just checked at lunch and I'm nearly on E. Lol, I guess this is one of those times when preparation would've helped, huh?

Ms_Slim said...

$4.20 sucks but it's NOTHING like it is in Chicago. We've been living in the $4.20s for about 3 months now. Honestly, if I find a place that's in that range, it's considered CHEAP...or at least "the cheapest". It sucks. There are a few places where the gas is a bout $4.09 but on average? About 4.35 UNLEADED. It's ridiculous!

And gas stations out of gas? Never happened to me before but.....I've been witness to a Popeyes out of Chicken at lunchtime quite a few times. Horrible management for that one. Who do we blame for lack of gas though? Damn Bush!!! I hate America at times. smch!

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