Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some Usually Wait A Few Years To Act A Donkey But Not You...OR You!!!!

I know this is nowhere near the morning...I have eaten my oatmeal, drank my coffee and even had some leftovers for lunch. I had pretty much written off my "morning blog" until I saw Dumb and Dumber on ................

Darrell Arthur and Mario Chalmers...WHAT IN THE HELL IS YALLS PROBLEM??? Seriously, you are barely NBA players and you are already acting like you have no sense. Now, allegedly you were "smoking" and had some young trollops in your room. Although you denied "smoking" the rule still stands, you are not supposed to have ANYONE in your rooms. Come on guys...all that puss you got in high school & college and you couldn't tone it down for the symposium? You're in the NBA now and guaranteed stupendous amounts of poon. One night or however long the symposium is/was wasn't going to kill you. 

When I see your faces, I feel all sad inside because you look like such innocent and nice young boys. You are the youth of America but you're still old enough to know better. Are you trying to tell us that we have to help you help yourself to not behave like little idiots? I'm disappointed in the both of you.....

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