Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just Drinking My Coffee...and Dabbing My Hair

My morning coffee will now be accompanied by my morning blog. It just feels right.

I'm dabbing my neck and forehead actually because I washed my hair this morning and I didn't towel dry like usual; I left a good amount of water in my hair so it will stay as moisturized as possible in addition to the lumps of product I threw in there too.

Allow me to dispel a widely accepted and stupidly believed myth:


First off, sorry to break it to you, that's a lie and I know your mother, aunts, and/or grandmother has been feeding you that lie since 1970-whatever but ain't the truth and NEVER has been. 

Why do I feel I am an authority on this? Well, my grandmother told me that if I take baby pee and put it on my face every morning, I'll never get acne. Did I try it? Hell and no. Does it work? It might but as far as I'm concerned, it's an old wives tale that is passed on through the generations, doesn't make it true. Am I an ass for calling my grandmother a liar? No. She is. Sometimes. Hell, as human logic would have it, we all lie, therefore, stop being offended because I just told you to stop believing some foolishness you can't accept isn't the truth because of whose mouth it came out of. They mean well, sure, but it doesn't stop the fact that it's an untruth.

Back to why I'm an authority on this...I also went to cosmetology school and that is the FIRST myth they tell us the truth about (along with the myth that you have to trim your hair every 6 weeks or you'll get split ends; no you don't and no you won't but we'll talk about that some other time). The TRUTH on wet hair is that is doesn't CAUSE a cold to sprout out of nowhere. Colds are viruses that are contracted between people through touch, breathing, sneezing, eating, etc. IF YOU HAVE OPEN PORES ON YOUR BODY AND YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM IS LESS THAN STELLAR YOU WILL GET SICK WHETHER YOUR HAIR IS WET OR NOT. 

Take a second and ponder on this...if you take a shower in the morning and DON'T WASH YOUR HAIR but go outside, do you think you can get a cold? If you answered yes, you are smarter than I thought! Good people, pores are not just in your head...guess what??? THEY ARE ALL OVER YOUR BODY!!! THAT my dear friends is one of the many ways you can catch a cold in the first place!

Another thing to look at to dispel this myth on your own is...Whites (I got this terminology from a "White" friend who is originally from San Jose; she refers to Caucasians as "whites" and African Americans as "blacks"; I see no issue with it; that is what we are? Right? Right.). Their hair "behaves" differently from other nationalities. A Black person can only wash their hair everyday if their texture ALLOWS for that kind of treatment but typically, in order to retain the necessary oils to keep the hair growing, most Black WOMEN (who do their own hair care) shampoo their hair once a week. White people don't need to retain ANY oil because it is manufactured so quickly in their sebaceous glands; which is why they NEED to wash their hair everyday. So you mean to tell me that White people just walk around with colds ALL the time BECAUSE their hair is wet in the morning when they go outside? Smack yourself in the face for not coming to this conclusion on your own...IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR HAIR BEING WET AS TO WHY YOU CATCH A COLD!

If you need more information regarding catching a cold from wet hair, don't look here for it. I've given enough info, I have to finish this Client Billing and my coffee cup is damn near empty...signifying,  I need to do some work. Cheerio!

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