Friday, September 19, 2008

He Found More Than Love In The Club

From the wonderful gossip world of (insert my sarcasm here)

This isn't my voice but it was hilarious to read with my coffee...I'm far too lazy to research this to find out who the celebrity is because I could really care less. I bet he sho is miserable right now though!


September 19, 2008. Looks like those skrippers in the A-T-L are pretty fertile. just got wind that one of Atlanta's A-Listers has gotten himself into a bit of a jam. Word on the street is that the mogul got one of his favorite strippers pregnant.

And it gets worse. Word is that the stripper's pimp is looking to extort the mogul for 100K to keep the pregnancy a secret from his celebrity girlfriend.

Trickin' is getting expensive ain't it...

2 points of view:

Eb the Celeb said...

dang fo real though... a media mogul and your dumb enough to sleep without a stripper... and not only that...sleep with a stripper without wrapping it up... fo' real... idiot!

AssertiveWit said...

MEN sleep with strippers...don't matter that he got money or broke as hell LOL some guys don't see it as a risk, I suppose. I guess they know her better than her customers...oh wait, he was her customer, huh LOL

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