Friday, September 26, 2008

Good Day! It's Friday!!!!

My Friday has started off FANTABULOUS!!!!!

I woke up and didn't feel like hittin snooze 5,000 times...I hit the shower and IMMEDIATELY woke up instead of having to stand there and let the water beat me to life...even though I'm still rocking the prostyle pony, the pony part is bangin with its natural little wisp...the dress I pulled out of a bag is SURPRISINGLY wrinkle free...and my skin isn't acting like its moisture deprived and drinking all the lotion I put on it so that I am back to looking like Ashy Larry by the time I hit the office; still all smooth and moisturized as the first lathering! Yes I am!

And what has made my day even MORE splendiferous (besides the fact that today is Friday) is that I decided to have a sausage/egg mcmuffin this morning versus my peaches & cream oatmeal. I pull into WhackyD's and there is a long line...the line moves quickly; SCORE!

I order my food with my pleasant drive thru (use a nice voice and your chances of them doing strange and foul things to your food lessens down to a 0-3% chance versus the 90-100%) and pull right up to pay. I have my card out so this transaction can go smoothly and I can do it moving to work. I get to the window and I hear the lady say "Oh shit!". I ask her if everything is okay and then she says the best thing I've heard all week (well ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I've heard all week):

"Breakfast is on me darling!"

I couldn't believe my ears...did I hit the breakfast jackpot or something? I mean, it isn't like I don't have $4 for breakfast but anytime something is FREE, I feel like I've SCORED for the WHOLE DAY! So I ask her why...I know most would have been like "Cool!" and just smashed off but I was curious...did I win something and just didn't know? I wanted to know. Her reply was:

"I cashed out your transaction and it will take too much time to reverse it so...breakfast on me hunny! Have a GREAT day!"

Talk about some GREAT Customer Service!!! Granted, she didn't HAVE TO do that to prove she has good Customer Service but that was above and beyond the call of duty. I am now obligated to pay that kind act forward to someone else and I also plan to take her $4 either later on today or tomorrow morning. She is always on the register in the morning. I remember that gold tooth. But that REALLY made my day!!!!

So it forward and do acts of kindness ALL day!!! I feel so good about my whole day, I'm even going to enjoy my coffee AFTER I post this blog. With a side of ;)

3 points of view:

Ms_Slim said...

So glad you're having an awesome day so far! What she did was really nice. I beg you to not go to though, girl. Don't break the good day. McCain's foolishness.....smh.....keep Good Day alive! lol

suga said...

Well you lucky heffa, you!

Oh how I miss getting breakfast from McDonald's..its delicious but usually within one hour of eating it, I have the severe urge to regurgitate.

Glad you were able to enjoy such a wonderful morning though.

suga said...

oh and please dont forget to help the kind lady out. With breakfast on her, she basically gave you her hourly wage lol

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