Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gas Is On My Mind...

...and it should be on yours too....if you reside in Atlanta.

On my way into the office this morning, I saw that the two gas stations on the corner of Ponce and Monroe/Blvd FINALLY got some gas in this mofo. I swear to you....it made my morning. I had not one drip of that caffeinated goodness but I was on cloud nine when I saw gas a-flowing! Even though people were lined up like the station was about to run out, I was filled with hope that when I get off work today, I can give Bruce the cocktail he has been salivating for since August....ok, maybe those are high hopes and I need to sit Bruce down and have a stern talk with him that regular unleaded will have to do until SOMEONE SOMEWHERE decides Atlantans are worthy of premium. But...at least me and Bruce won't have to deal with the horrid let down that we are being rationed gas. SMCH.

I tell yah...trying to convince him that Jose Cuervo is JUST AS GOOD as Patron Gold is like trying to shoot wings off a fly...damn near impossible.

Yesterday a friend of mine said that the apocalypse is upon us because America is broke. I love my friends and their dramatical ways. No sooner than this clown brings up the reason for the apocalypse, a mutual friend states that America has always been broke, get over it, and stop being dramatic. These are my male friends by the way. I had to laugh out loud at their foolishness.....especially when I got home and saw that the House has refused to cosign on this bailout. I laughed even louder...hey rich folks, looks like you have to figure out another way to save your dough.

I have employees coming into my office asking for advice on what to do with their money and if they should switch banks. *getting up to look on the outside of my wall to see if a title has been placed out there I know nothing about* Ummmm...when did I become a financial advisor? I'M THE BUSINESS MANAGER. Not a financial advisor of ANY KIND, but because I run an Accounting Department I all of a sudden become the end all be all of moola. HA! Jokes on you fools. People without money are not that smart all the time...they fail to realize that a recession REALLY does not affect the poor or unrich. Want to know why? BECAUSE YOU AINT HAD NO MONEY TO BEGIN WITH!

Go to the slums, hoods, ghettos of your city and ask them people if a recession affects them and they will look at you like "What? MY LIFE IS A RECESSION! GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE WITH THAT CRAZY TALK!" Poor and unrich folks have ALWAYS had to make a dollar out of fifteen cents so now that the economy has taken a nose dive on a GRAND scale they can sit back and smile because NOW...EVERYONE knows how they feel EVERYDAY they go to work and STILL make NO MONEY. Granted, the poor and unrich are being affected by the gas, IF THEY HAVE CARS, but as it stands, they have ALWAYS struggled to fill up their gas tank so this is just another day in their unfortunate lives. Don't take this as me feeling I am superior to the poor and unrich....I fall right in there with them. Why? NEWSFLASH: I AINT RICH, B*TCH!

So everyone reading this that is poor/unrich, don't worry so much about the state of affairs. Your life is still what it was last year. Hopefully you can reach a level of financial comfort after November...that is if Obama wins. If McCain pulls a rabbit out of his crumpled up derby, we're all going to Gehenna in a gasoline filled hand basket. Sorry to be the voice of reason and reality at 9:06 am. My coffee is now finished...going to eat thy tasty blueberries and cream oatmeal now.

2 points of view:

Brilliance Is A Habit (c) Unknown said...

Clapping with stern face. lol

Great Post, and the plug for Obama nice touch.

You hit the nail on the head about poor people and the recession.

I guess the rich will have to sale one of the yachts. Maybe the Terminator will move in the apt across the hall from me.

Anonymous said...

You're the greatest...

I'm not Anonymous...this is Kaylan lol

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