Monday, September 15, 2008

Does Your Profession Dictate Whether or Not YOU Have A Voice?

From time to time I get disturbed, TRULY disturbed by some of the things that people allow to come out of their mouths. It leads me to believe there are FAR more people who TALK before thinking versus the other way around. At times, I can't help but look at them like they have "FIDIOT" written on their forehead. Sometimes I tell myself, oh self, silly self, they just didn't think that statement out. Then I am slapped in the face with the reality of, no, this idiot REALLY believes what is coming out of their own mouth. That then leads me to think...people like to hear themselves talk. But that's an ENTIRELY different subject...

I was watching one of my YouTube subscriptions, JiaTV...she makes me laugh out loud at some of the idiots she comes across and how fluent she is in her speech when talking about some of the most ignorant of topics. As I was watching her the other day, a friend of mine came over the crib and his first words once his eyes registered on the computer screen were, "Oh not this b*tch". I was a little confused because he said it like he knew who she was. I asked him if he knew her and he was like, "Yeah, that's Kina Kara". Of course I'M watching "Jia" so I immeadiately blurt out, "Who? No, this is Jia"...his reply? "No, that's that b*tch Kina Kara; she's a porn star". So he tells me to google her. And to my surprise...yes, she is a porn star. 

He goes into some rhetoric about how he wish she would shut the f*ck up talking about anything because she's a porn star. I laughed inside and stopped myself from saying what I thought because is she not entitled to an opinion SIMPLY because she's a porn star??? I laughed to myself even harder because he stood there with a straight face and called this woman a b*tch and pretty much insinuated that she doesn't have a "voice" because of her profession....but his girlfriend is a stripper. You sound silly as hell and REALLY need to retract your statement...not unless, you feel your girlfriend just needs to shut up and take her clothes off for money because THAT'S all she's good for. Granted, she MIGHT be good for something else but this is a PRIME example of people not thinking before they speak. But to each his own because I can bet my next paycheck that every man who goes into the club where his girlfriend works could care less if she has an opinion...bend over and take your clothes off. So maybe he is right but if it applies to Jia, shouldn't it apply to his girlfriend? Essentially, it is the same industry, except one LEGALLY gets paid to have sex AND take off her clothes, while the other, well sex is always "optional", but she still gets paid to take her clothes off...for random strangers.

I'm sure he will argue anyone to the death that his girlfriend has more to her character than JUST being a stripper but he denied Kina Kara/Jia that liberty so why should ANYONE extend it to his girlfriend? I personally don't just off his double standard alone. If one is a skanky, whoreazz, b*tch, the other one is too. Sometimes, due to our own askew morals, we try to make people we care about seem amoral...when they really are no different than the people you look down upon. You just happen to care about this immoral person and not that one.

I laughed still because I personally am not going to stop watching her YouTube videos simply because she had/has sex for money. She entertains me. So what? I do however think that Jia SHOULD in fact tell people that she does or did work in the adult entertainment industry so that it doesn't come as a shock; if she is still currently working in that industry, she shouldn't be ashamed or hide the fact that she does it since it was her personal decision to get involved in it. But I do not think that automatically should discredit anything that comes out of her mouth. Hell, people hang on Sean Carter's (Jay-Z) EVERY word but he wasn't always a RESPECTABLE businessman; he was a drug dealer for a long period of time. You see, professions can change but people rarely do. 

Life's little double standards always have a way of coming back to bite us in the azz...don't they?

5 points of view:

Brittni said...

Hey, you're just some stupid blogger. Who are you to question anybody!

Boo, hiss, boooooo, hiss!

Tee hee hee.

AssertiveWit said...

I am just some stupid blogger...thanks for showing me my reality.

suga said...

Why didnt I know you were actively blogging over here dammit!?!?!?

"Sometimes I tell myself, oh self, silly self, they just didn't think that statement out. "

There have been times when i've said, "self oh silly self..." as well lmao

Jia does tell people that she used to be in the industry. At least, she used too. I heard her or saw her blog about it plenty of times.

this whole thing reminds me of when people get pissed when artists or actors speak out on an issue at an awards show or during a concert. Why cant they promote their beliefs if they want to?

Anonymous said...


Wow...just because she was a porn star, she has no right to voice her opinion on shit? Please. I guess I am kinda biased, though since I knew her before the venture into porn...

Blogger said...

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