Monday, September 08, 2008

Can I Choke An Employee? Just Wondering....

It is my firm belief that there are some people in the work force that should be donkey punched in the head on a daily basis. I sometimes feel this way about my Office Manager. The times I have wanted to donkey punch her chrome, I PERSONALLY feel it has been warranted. Sometimes dealing with her is like attending to a small child...requires lots of patience and repetition. That's too much for me dealing with an adult.

Take this morning for example. I have payroll, consultant/vendor payments, and client billing to do.Therefore, I need the Internet to be functioning at top speed. Well for me to arrive at 7:30 and it to be functioning half mast, I'm a little peeved. I didn't direct that peev-ed-ness towards her until I call her at 8:15 and she sends me to voicemail. Cricket? What part of the game is this?! So I call her other line...sent to voicemail again. What in the jumping jackrabbit is her deal???

I do understand that your schedule is 8:30 to 5:30 but if you get here at 8 am, you need to be prepared to work...if you're sitting at your desk. I shouldn't have to yell to you that it's me calling so pick up...out of my office. So when she yells back, "I know. I'm on the phone", you know I'm hotter than fish grease, right? When did this become professional? Me yelling out my office (because if I get up, I'm gonna choke the life force outta you) and you responding back by yelling (clearly, she's lost her mind somewhere up there at that Front Desk). 

I was about to go traipsing up to the front because I SWORE she was on a personal call. Turns out she's talking to our IT guy about our Internet issues. Fine. But you still need to answer the phone when someone calls; not send them to voicemail. That isn't professional at all. 

Finally she is done and comes in my office to ask me what I wanted. I quelled my attitude long enough to tell her I am having some Internet issues only for her to interrupt me and tell me that I'm not. Excuse the hell outta me! For real? You just gone tell me I ain't having a problem I been having since I stepped foot in this biotch at 7:30? OK. You're right. I'm wrong. Fix my damn problem...idiot.

It's only 9:15....pray for her soul...

2 points of view:

Brittni said...

Well, hey, on the positive side she was working to get your issue fixed. So, see she's not a Lazy Linda, she's a Hard at Work Harriet! :-)

AssertiveWit said...

don't make excuses for her insolence...SMCH

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