Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Boo and Double Hiss

Today is the worst first day of the week...ok, I'm being dramatic but who cares. It's Tuesday but feels like a Monday. One of my employees has managed to get on my last nerve as SOON as I open my InBox with his asinine email to me about something I told him I was going to take care of. He asked me to help him with something Friday night at 5:25 pm...when I'm getting ready to leave. I explained then that I might be coming in over the weekend and IF I DID, I would take care of it then. Otherwise, I would do it first thing Tuesday morning (holiday was Monday). Whatever happened to GIVE ME TIME TO FULFILL YOUR REQUEST???? Dammit...

I've had it up to the rooftops with him...he ALWAYS makes these demands but ask him to do something and he takes his own sweet time like Armageddon is not around the corner. Look, if you want me to have some sense of urgency in what you ask me to do, I expect you to put more than the necessary effort of PEP IN YO STEP. Otherwise, you simply result in getting on my bad side by being so damn irritating ALL the damn time.

He just walked by my office and I fought the urge to glare a hole into his head. Hopefully this Tuesday/Monday improves...I'm already looking forward to lunch. Currently trying to devise how to get an afternoon drink in without returning to the office smelling of a distillery...SMCH

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