Friday, September 12, 2008

Before: Wolverine Brows/After: Stunning Beauty

When I got to work this morning I had a different monitor. I guess you could call it a wide screen. Anyway, this excited me since I only asked the Office Manager to swap out my old one ohhhhhh, 500 hundred years ago. This new monitor was the highlight of my morning, let me tell yah!!! I can now get my panoramic MARVEL wallpaper cracking at work. The monitor I had was doing my House of M wallpaper no justice at all.

Enough of that banter though; let's talk about my waste of a lunch break getting my wolverine eyebrows ripped out of my face. was threaded out but it felt like she was ripping the skin off my face. Normally, my threading experience is not this painful but my usual lady had an "appointment". This started my whole "I'm tense and frowning and now the threading hurts even more" moment.

I get there about 12:18 and tell the Front Desk chick (after she asks) that I want Alvira to hit up the furriness. I sit down. About 15 minutes passes and this lady walks in and asks for Alvira's services and sits down. 10 more minutes pass and I hear the Front Desk girl tell baby that just walked in to go to Alvira's chair. Hold on a gosh darn minute!!! Am I NOT sitting here? have I NOT been waiting an eternity and some for Alvira? And you're just gonna tell this wench she can go ahead of me? Not today sister...not today. I have NOT wasted 43 minutes of my lunch break so some chick can hop ahead of me. No ma'am!

So I get up to question what in the name of all things great and holy is wrong with the Front Desk beezy. She throws up a finger to signify I need to wait. Dearest baby Jesus!!! She is testing my patience today. I just want to look pretty again and she is filling me with the fury. I take a deep breath and wait for her conversation to cease. I tell her, "Ummm, I've been here since such and such; you told that woman to go ahead of me"; to which she replied, "Yes because she has an appointment"; to which I said, 'Excuse me? When did you plan on telling me that Alvira had an appointment"; to which this horseface geechie says, "I didn't". 

I'm about two seconds from slapping the tastebuds off her tongue and down her throat but I woo sahed and said, "You didn't? Well how would I have known? I mean, I've been sitting here for almost 45 minutes and you didn't feel the need to let me know I would be waiting XYZ amount of time?"....this heffa says, "You should have asked; it isn't my responsibility to tell you Alvira has an appointment". At this point I was about to snap on her like Cujo so I just blurted out, "Give me whoever is available. Now. Thank you."

She sends me to that woman who ripped my soul out through my eyebrows. I'm still a little emotional about that. So to heal my wounded soul, I will be traipsing off to Frogs to enjoy some fine Mexican dining. Yummy in thy tummy!

Did I mention my eyebrows look FAB-o tho? Oh ok. My eyebrows look stunning...even though some of my soul is gone with that thread.

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Anonymous said...


LMAOL! @ her taking some of your soul with the wooliness.

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