Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Girl+Girl=Boy+Boy...Are They One In The Same?

Look at the images to the left and tell me if they are the same. Tell me if you think they are different. What makes it acceptable for the first picture to be considered beautiful and sexy but the other picture vile, disgusting and a horrible act worthy of punishment by God? At the end of the day, are not both photos artful displays of homosexuality? That is what I always thought too...

I really want to know what makes them appear different in the eyes of men and women alike. Is it because society says its unacceptable for a man to be intimately involved with another man? Is it because it is a sin against God? If it is truly a sin and unacceptable, what is the determining factor that creates the loophole for women? There was a time when women were equally ashamed to profess their undying love for the same sex but that is no longer what we see. The media portrays it as an enlightening experience for any woman privileged to be loved so deeply. The media also deludes impressionable minds into believing that as long as you are desirable by men AND women alike, you are not a homosexual; you are broadening your horizons and living a little. So what turns it into something ugly when two men decide they want to explore their sexuality and try "something new"? I always thought what was good for the goose, was good for the gander but apparently the goose gets to have more fun than the gander...

Inquiring minds would like to know because the reality of things is beginning to look a lot like make believe. Is this real or imagined by those who are gladly adopting an excuse to live as they would if no one would judge them? Who is supposed to determine if any of this behavior is correct or otherwise?

Gives one something to think about, wouldn't you say so?

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