Saturday, September 16, 2006

At What Cost To Yourself Will You Be Kind To Others?

There are people who try their hardest to do something kind for someone on a daily basis. You see, "paying it forward" is a way of life for them because they honestly get greater gain out of giving than receiving. Therefore, it makes them happy to see "you" happy. If that makes sense...but the question I have for you is, at what cost do people give of themselves, in order to see someone else pleased? Where do you draw that line of distinction between being kind and just doing too much for people who would never do the same for you, or anyone else for that matter?
We live in a society that is about SELF; if there is nothing in it for that person, than it must not be worth doing.
For those unfamiliar with the parable of the picture to the right, that is the Good Samaritan. You see, there was a man who was traveling and ended up being beaten and robbed on the way to his destination; just so happens, he was the wrong color for some people who walked by, so they did not help him, he was the wrong nationality for others, and he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and the other individuals who recognized the area in which he had been assaulted did not want to receive the same fate, so they walked on as though he wasn't even there. Then arrives a man who was of an opposing religious standard and naitionality to the wounded man but that did not stop him from helping this maimed individual. No, he gathered what was left of the man's belongings, helped the man up and nursed him back to decent enough health so that the once injured man expressed his gratitude for the Samaritan going above and beyond the call of duty to help his fellow neighbor.
Are you that kind of person? Will you do more than necessary to help someone, just because you know that you have the ability to do so? It's odd to know that most people find it puzzling when someone does something out of the kindness of their heart; one is usually accused of having an ulterior motive. It's almost as if people have programmed themselves to be indifferent towards one another. Do you fall into that category? One may delude themselves into thinking that they are being 100% genuine even though they are saying to themselves that 'those who do good, will receive great benefits, and that is why I make an effort to do good to others'. This delusion is just that because one is STILL seeking something for themselves, assurance that their good deeds are returned.
So what of the truly good people who expect nothing in return? These 'good' people are often taken advantage of and very much so, taken for granted. Everyone is well aware that they have a good heart and that is capitalized on but to the benefit of others. So what should this 'good' person do? Should they flip roles and become that person who 'looks the other way' because it really doesn't concern them? Or do they continue giving of themselves and their time to ingrates? Giving unconditionally tends to take its toll on a person. One may look around and realize that because of their kindness, they have attracted people towards them that are actually tearing their spirit of giving down, rather than building it up.
So I ask again, at what cost to yourself, will you be kind to others?

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