Saturday, September 16, 2006

The President of the United States of America - George W. Bush

Why this man has a kitten in his mouth, I do not know and probably will never know, so please don't ask me but this image will serve its purpose well as you read on...

I laughed to myself as I walked through Barnes & Noble and Borders looking for a calendar and coming across calendars that highlighted the idiotic sayings of the current president. I laughed harder as I set up my Google homepage and had an option to add "The Chimp-o-Matic", which is an area that lists random quotes from the president, George W. Bush. The quote currently running says, "It is time to set aside the old partisan bickering and finger-pointing and name-calling that comes from freeing parents to make different choices for their children."

I can think of a million and one things Mr. Bush could be referring to but I will say this...I am more than sure he has no earthly idea what he is supposed to be talking about, just like the public who have to listen to him spout nonsense a good 90% of the time he opens his mouth.

Now, you politically in tuned people who read this, please keep in mind, I did not write this blog because I am a Democratic loving Republican hater. No, I actually hate ALL political parties because they are all dishonest and very self-serving. So now that we have that out of the way, I want to get to the meat of why I wanted to write about the president.

From time to time, the ladies in my office will eat lunch together in one of the conference rooms and there is an employee who likes to ruffle the Bush supporters feathers. I view it all as a bit of noon day comic relief. So I happen to work next to two VERY large Bush supporters and if you have ANYTHING negative to say about THEIR president, the horns come dashing out of their heads and you WILL be getting a roasting. Well, they asked who I voted for in the election four years ago and I replied, "No one". I knew this would stir conversation I really didn't care to get into but anything was better than staring at the computer screen so I entertained them. They all gasped with amazement and asked why; I simply replied that I put my faith in no man because it is clear that we cannot and will never lead each other onto a permanent path of happiness and peace, I just genuinely hoped that no one would run us further into poverty and may God help us all. They all looked appalled that I would say such a thing and then one of the Bush supporters made the mistake of asking if I thought Bush was doing a good job.

Because I am not politically affiliated, I keep my opinions to myself BUT since I saw they weren't going to let up, I decided to give them what they wanted; my opinion.

I politely and respectfully stated that I knew he wasn't doing a good job and I have a hard time believing he ever will when I can't trust that he has a level of intelligence higher than a chimpanzee. OH DID I HAVE SOME LIVID INDIVIDUALS AT THAT MOMENT! I had a couple of coworkers say that he had this degree and that degree; I replied I know people who have multiple degrees and didn't study 85% of the time they were in college, so your point would be? Their comeback was, sometimes when one is under pressure they say things that make them sound ignorant and did I take that into consideration; my rebuttal...that is what they have speech coaches and classes for; so as most people who feel they can't win unless they play dirty act, one lady says:

"anyone who can lead thousands into war has to be intelligent, so until you can do that, don't tell me that we don't have a highly intelligent president"

I fought back the laughter and said you don't need to be intelligent to know how to say yes, send more troops. There is no strategy to that and if that is what you're basing intelligence on, know now, that we are all doomed.

They didn't like that very much and one lady opted to remove herself from the conversation altogether and go back to her desk. I could see I had upset a couple of people so I politely said that I am entitled to feel as I do about him and they, likewise but if they ever thought they had a chance at convincing me that he is a person worthy of imitating and/or remembering, they would just be wasting their time and mine.

So for all of you who plan on voting in a couple of years (for the new president), when you are faced with the task of voting for the lesser of two evils, will you choose someone you utterly despise over someone that you feel is incapable of leading us into more wars when the truth is, no matter who you vote for, we all lose out in the end? When the gas prices escalated to very unaffordable prices while the cost of living in our pay never increased, were Bush followers spared? No. When tax cuts are given do you really think you can tell in your pay if you were a Bush supporter? No. No one could because guess what, they always find a way to take back the money they supposedly gave us.

My point is, this is the president we are stuck with until November 2008 so we have no choice but to make do with what we have but in the meantime, I'm going to continue laughing at my Chimp-O-Matic while others try to convince me that he really isn't as stupid as he looks. The quote that is up now reads: "Now, we talked to Joan Hanover. She and her husband, George, were visiting with us. They are near retirement--retiring--in the process of retiring, meaning they are very smart, active, capable people who are retirement age and are retiring".

So, when in doubt, refer to the picture above and read chimp-o-matic quotes and you will be further assured that our fearless leader has the brains of a dead cow.

Learning to Disagree

As I read this quote:
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. - Aristotle
it came to mind that many people cannot and will not entertain a thought they cannot accept.
It troubles me to know that people do not know how to see an opposing viewpoint without getting upset. Recently, I ran into a man who didn't care to hear anything I had to say about a particular subject because he totally disagreed with my thought process. So, because my train of thought is not on the same track as yours, you fail to communicate effectively? Apparently so.
He said, and I quote, "You're right. I'm not listening to you because what you have to say is (insert expletive here) and no one in their right mind would listen to that (insert expletive here). What you have to say now becomes irrelevant because I don't agree with that".
Have you ever heard something more rude in your life?
Well, I was equally appalled because I thought we were having a civil discussion but it quickly turned into him being disrespectful and almost violent in his nature of speech.
So I ask you, how does one learn to disagree?
It's quite simple....
Everyone is entitled to their right to have an opinion. THAT, you must be respectful of. It NEVER means you have to agree with what someone is saying BUT it does mean that you respect their right to have an opinion and that you are not rude because they choose to see things entirely different from you.
So, if you have a brain inside that skull of yours, use the education that has been provided you and feel free to accept what you wish but if you disagree, do so respectfully, otherwise, one might as well be speaking to animals who have no concept of what conversational manners are.

At What Cost To Yourself Will You Be Kind To Others?

There are people who try their hardest to do something kind for someone on a daily basis. You see, "paying it forward" is a way of life for them because they honestly get greater gain out of giving than receiving. Therefore, it makes them happy to see "you" happy. If that makes sense...but the question I have for you is, at what cost do people give of themselves, in order to see someone else pleased? Where do you draw that line of distinction between being kind and just doing too much for people who would never do the same for you, or anyone else for that matter?
We live in a society that is about SELF; if there is nothing in it for that person, than it must not be worth doing.
For those unfamiliar with the parable of the picture to the right, that is the Good Samaritan. You see, there was a man who was traveling and ended up being beaten and robbed on the way to his destination; just so happens, he was the wrong color for some people who walked by, so they did not help him, he was the wrong nationality for others, and he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and the other individuals who recognized the area in which he had been assaulted did not want to receive the same fate, so they walked on as though he wasn't even there. Then arrives a man who was of an opposing religious standard and naitionality to the wounded man but that did not stop him from helping this maimed individual. No, he gathered what was left of the man's belongings, helped the man up and nursed him back to decent enough health so that the once injured man expressed his gratitude for the Samaritan going above and beyond the call of duty to help his fellow neighbor.
Are you that kind of person? Will you do more than necessary to help someone, just because you know that you have the ability to do so? It's odd to know that most people find it puzzling when someone does something out of the kindness of their heart; one is usually accused of having an ulterior motive. It's almost as if people have programmed themselves to be indifferent towards one another. Do you fall into that category? One may delude themselves into thinking that they are being 100% genuine even though they are saying to themselves that 'those who do good, will receive great benefits, and that is why I make an effort to do good to others'. This delusion is just that because one is STILL seeking something for themselves, assurance that their good deeds are returned.
So what of the truly good people who expect nothing in return? These 'good' people are often taken advantage of and very much so, taken for granted. Everyone is well aware that they have a good heart and that is capitalized on but to the benefit of others. So what should this 'good' person do? Should they flip roles and become that person who 'looks the other way' because it really doesn't concern them? Or do they continue giving of themselves and their time to ingrates? Giving unconditionally tends to take its toll on a person. One may look around and realize that because of their kindness, they have attracted people towards them that are actually tearing their spirit of giving down, rather than building it up.
So I ask again, at what cost to yourself, will you be kind to others?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Girl+Girl=Boy+Boy...Are They One In The Same?

Look at the images to the left and tell me if they are the same. Tell me if you think they are different. What makes it acceptable for the first picture to be considered beautiful and sexy but the other picture vile, disgusting and a horrible act worthy of punishment by God? At the end of the day, are not both photos artful displays of homosexuality? That is what I always thought too...

I really want to know what makes them appear different in the eyes of men and women alike. Is it because society says its unacceptable for a man to be intimately involved with another man? Is it because it is a sin against God? If it is truly a sin and unacceptable, what is the determining factor that creates the loophole for women? There was a time when women were equally ashamed to profess their undying love for the same sex but that is no longer what we see. The media portrays it as an enlightening experience for any woman privileged to be loved so deeply. The media also deludes impressionable minds into believing that as long as you are desirable by men AND women alike, you are not a homosexual; you are broadening your horizons and living a little. So what turns it into something ugly when two men decide they want to explore their sexuality and try "something new"? I always thought what was good for the goose, was good for the gander but apparently the goose gets to have more fun than the gander...

Inquiring minds would like to know because the reality of things is beginning to look a lot like make believe. Is this real or imagined by those who are gladly adopting an excuse to live as they would if no one would judge them? Who is supposed to determine if any of this behavior is correct or otherwise?

Gives one something to think about, wouldn't you say so?


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